Back in action. Action? Not so much, but back on plan anyway.

20 Jul

Well all in all I didn’t do so badly during the road trip with my girlfriends. I’m very proud of the choices I made with the limited food available to me.

For example, on the ride up to Connecticut our first stop was at Cracker Barrel. Uh oh. Red light, red light, danger! But instead of ordering the giant breakfast that would feed Paul Bunyon AND his pretty blue ox with leftovers, I opted to go all ala carte with one scrambled egg and 3 buttermilk pancakes. Oh and the hash brown casserole. Had to have that. The waitress tried to get me though in that the pancakes came out tiny and she tried to force 3 more giant ones on me.  After much protesting that the 3 small cakes were truly, exactly what I wanted, that I wouldn’t eat them, that she should give them to someone else, she friggin’ dropped 3 more fluffy, giant buttermilk pancakes on the table.  Dammit.  So I left them. Didn’t even smell them, touch them or acknowledge them. WINNING!

For the remainder of the weekend I had light breakfast food at the hotel, a burger for lunch on Saturday, and a very controlled stop at IHOP in New Jersey on the way home.  Wow, did you know they put the calorie counts on everything there? I knew they did it in New York, but was not aware of New Jersey doing the same.  What an eye opener.  When I used to visit IHOP pre-2011 diet, I’d get the 2 egg, 3 pancake, hash browns, bacon breakfast.  Yeah, that’s about 1,300 calories.  YIKES! Having seen all the calorie counts there in front of my face was a real slap in the face and caused me to totally rethink what I was going to order. I opted for 2 scrambled eggs and one pancake which was plenty. I’m so proud of myself. I can’t believe I used to eat that giant breakfast, then come home and eat a giant lunch and giant dinner after that.  Sickening. As a result of this stop at IHOP, I firmly believe that anyone who disagrees with having calorie counts right there on the menu not having any affect on what they order is full of shit. I mean, really, how can you not look at that and stop and think about how many unnecessary calories are in there?

So the road trip went well. Unfortunately I went a little crazy the day I got home and the day after.  I was ravenous by the time I dropped off all my friends and still had an hour to get home so I got some Greek food from the diner. Monday I knew was going to be an off day as I went to see Harry Potter and had planned to eat lots of buttery popcorn. In retrospect I didn’t use as much butter as I usually do and didn’t even finish my small popcorn, but I then stopped at PF Chang’s for lunch and topped it all off with an ice cream cone on Monday night.

Still, even with the weird weekend and off day, I’m proud of myself. I could have gone so super overboard on any of those days but didn’t. Even on Monday. The popcorn was my breakfast, the PF Chang’s was plentiful so I wasn’t hungry for dinner until about 9pm when I had the ice cream. And I went right back onto plan on Tuesday. That never happens. Not in all the years I’ve been dieting and gaining, dieting and gaining. I usually fall right off the wagon and it takes me months (or never) to get back on. I feel very proud and confident in my ability to slip up a little, whether due to not having the right foods available to me or by choice, and get right back on my plan the next day or next meal. I think my brain has finally wrapped itself around eating in moderation and splurging every once in a while.

That said, I feel like such a slug this week. I know I need to get back to working out as I haven’t done any “official” exercise since Thursday. I marched a one-mile parade on Saturday but that’s been about it since Thursday. Friday and Sunday were spent sitting on my butt in a car, Monday and Tuesday sitting on my butt at work.  Why do I have to hate working out so much? I do. I friggin’ hate it. Yes, my body feels better after exercise, but the process is just so sucky and unpleasant.

So this week I’m focusing on managing to get off my butt and move when all I want to do is sit and read.  Also, focusing on eating intuitively but within my calorie ranges set by SparkPeople. I’m not going to eat unless physiologically hungry even if I have the calories banked to do so. We’ll see what happens. I normally weigh in on Tuesdays but didn’t bother this week due to my splurge on Sunday/Monday. Will get back on that horse on the 26th…


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