The joys of being a homeowner

09 Jul

I love being a homeowner.  For the most part, anyway.  It’s great to be able to do anything I want to my home, such as paint, totally rip up the yard and make it beautiful, or renovate the kitchen.  We’ve been renters for the past year, having moved from Michigan to Maryland last August, and it kind of sucked to not be able to do anything to the house we were renting.  The yard was big but it was totally weedy and needed to be totally killed and sodded.  The inside of the house was nice but was small and needed some upgrades and TLC.  All in all it was fine to live in temporarily, but we like to make a place our own and renting is just not conducive to that.

So yeah, renovation and home improvement is loads of fun.  What is NOT fun, however, are the shitty unexpected repairs that come up and totally put a damper on the budget for much-needed projects.  For example, we have no garage here and no room to build one so we desperately need a shed for bikes, lawnmower, etc.  And the French door on the back of the house is not in good working order and does not work for our needs so we want to replace it.

However this morning I woke up and was getting dressed to head out for a 3-mile walk when I noticed a wet spot on the ceiling of our bedroom. My husband’s bathroom is above our bedroom so, presumably, some pipe or drain up there is leaking.  Lovely.  Of course the plumbing people did not answer their phone when we called so now we get to wait around until they call back or until my husband gets pissed and calls them back. Speaking of piss…. the spot is yellow.  And it kind of smells like pee. Yeah, I smelled it. How can you not? So unless someone literally peed on the bathroom floor (and I don’t think that happened) it’s probably just coincidence that it’s coming from the bathroom and is yellow, but it’s annoying.  Needless to say, I was too bummed to take my walk so here I sit in my workout clothes, my gizzard squished by my heart rate monitor belt, blogging. I have to work in 15 minutes so I’ll just walk later if it’s not too hot outside.

Yeah, yeah, I know it could be worse, but this just sucks. Can I get just one month, no one week, without any drama or unexpected expense? Oy.

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One response to “The joys of being a homeowner

  1. Domestiç Reclusë

    July 10, 2011 at 2:13 am

    Congrats *I think?* on being homeowners! I’m in the same boat; we’ve been renters until about 8 months ago, and although the freedom to do what we want & turn this house into a home is awesome, the hidden/unexpected & often costly repairs can be a real pain in the rear. Just a few months ago, we had to replace a few pipes that were impossible to unclog because they were the old galvanized pipes & had become rusted shut. (It was pretty gross when the plumber showed us those 60+ year old pipes & how there was hardly room in it for a drop of water to pass through.) We’ve got more repairs & realizations that crop up every month, and so we’re really hating the previous homeowner (who works in real estate) & their skill at covering up/hiding the problems that our home inspector didn’t notice.

    Well, for what it’s worth — I hope yours is an easy/inexpensive fix, and that no more probs arise until you win the lotto & can pay for all the remodeling you want (or heck, sell the place & buy a mansion + crew to maintain it). Good luck! 😉


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