How can there be a down side to losing weight?

07 Jul

So this year I made that dreaded New Year’s resolution to lose weight and just become more healthy in general.  And oddly enough I actually stuck with it and have lost 30 pounds.  It’s taken me six months to do so with some setbacks due to travel and having a hard time giving up my Friday night chicken pad thai and donut routine.  But I’ve done it, it really hasn’t been that hard (thanks in part to the wonderful tools at, and I’m very proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished thus far.

So why the blog post?  What could be bad about losing all that weight?

I’ll tell you – it’s the rate at which I’m going through clothing.  When we moved to Maryland last August I got rid or carloads, yes, literally carloads of clothing and stuff we didn’t use.  We filled up our old Jeep with bag upon bag of coats, jeans, sweaters, you name it.  All stuff that was too small.  Well now I could use a lot of that stuff!

One of my favorite things to do when I have an off week (i.e., no loss at all or just a marginal loss) is to go thru my Rubbermaid containers full of off season clothing and coats to find out which I can now fit into and which are now too large.  Well I’m down to having all of my summer clothing in my dresser and nothing in containers.  Everything fits or is too big.  There is one container full of fall and winter stuff which is all too large at this point. I kept a very few pieces that are classics or that I absolutely love and could not part with so I have a few things to wear when the weather turns chilly again, but not much. A shopping trip will definitely be in order to stock up on long sleeve tops, sweaters, and jeans.  I hope no one dies, gets married, or I land a job interview, because I do not have a single thing appropriate to wear to any of those occasions. I am excited that the pink North Face coat I haven’t been able to wear since 2006 fits again and will be quite roomy by the time I need it again.

All whining aside, losing weight is fantastic.  I have tons more energy, I’m feeling more confident, and I certainly look better.  I’m even starting to do crazy things that I’ve never tried before.  Like running and planning to run in some 5k races next spring. I willingly went to the doctor this week for some routine blood tests and to see if my cholesterol has improved. I’ve eating nothing but oatmeal for breakfast since January and not a single fast food meal so I’m hoping to get the results in a few weeks and find that my cholesterol is down to a more normal level. It wasn’t outrageously high, but borderline the last time it was checked.

So while the weight loss is great and continued weight loss will be even better all around, I’m not looking forward to all that shopping.  I’m short so I have a really hard time finding clothing that fits me well.  I have to visit lots of stores to get just a few things so I’m one of those few women for whom shopping is not a delight.  I’m hoping when the time comes to stock up on next season’s stuff, I’ll have better luck finding a good fit and shopping won’t be such an unpleasant chore.


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