The secret to stopping telemarketers

25 Mar

I understand that they’re just people doing a job, but I can’t stand to be bothered at home by telemarketers for any reason.  If you’re a friend or family, call me.  Work, sure.  Neighbor, someone telling me I’ve won a raffle that I legitimately entered, a hotel calling to confirm my reservation, Purple Heart calling to tell me they’ll be in the area – yes, by all means.

But if your call is to attempt to sell me something, step off.  I’ve put our numbers on the government’s do not call list which has taken care of most of the calls, but some still get thru. So to make it perfectly clear: I do not buy stuff over the phone or give money to people who call me.  Period.  If I want to buy or give I will call YOU.

And I hate that the next thing sounds so awful, but it’s the truth.  Don’t freaking call me to solicit donations.  The do not call list does not apply to charities which sucks because I get tons of calls from them.  Now before you freak out and tell me how horrible I am for being pissed that charities call for donations, just keep reading.  I have nothing against charity, but I choose who I give to and it really bugs me when charities call, I tell them my budget is earmarked for other causes, and they lay on the guilt trip.  That’s a quick way to get transferred to Mr. Click.   I donate regularly to Purple Heart, the Fraternal Order of Police, the ASPCA, the Red Cross, an organ donation charity, Leader Dogs for the Blind, the Girl Scouts (cash, not just cookie money), and the Michigan Humane Society.   Those are the causes I want to support.

So now that I’m done ranting, I have to share that I found the secret to stopping the calls fast.  A few months back a telemarketer called my cell phone which pisses me off because I’m still in the land of pre-paid cellular so for a quarter a minute, it better be good.  So I told the guy I wasn’t interested and oh by the way this is my cell phone.  I was just getting to the part where I was going to tell him it’s pre-paid and I don’t want to be called and my money wasted on telemarketing calls when his tone changed to super apologetic and he said he’d take me off his call list.  Sweet!  That was easy.

A few weeks later I was busy working, it was a really crazy day, my home phone rings and it’s a telemarketer.  Ugh!  I really didn’t have time to talk to anyone, regardless of who it was, so I tell the guy hey I’m at work and I don’t have time and just as I’m about to tell him to take me off his list, he says the same thing as the other guy.

So every telemarketing or charity call I’ve gotten over the last 2 months, I just tell them hey you’re calling my business number and they immediately back off.  It’s

They can’t get get away from me fast enough. It’s as if I’ve spit the ebola virus thru the phone lines and they are trying to hang up before they catch it.  It’s like they can’t rid of ME quick enough!   It’s really amazing.  And not entirely dishonest since I work from home and my home number is my business number.  I really should have thought of this years ago.  I’m sure they’ll think of some new way to get around this, but for now I’m having a hell of a good time watching the phone pests get as far from me as they can.

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