Washing machine, 0; Me, 1.

25 Feb

And now for the final installment of how the Power of the Internet saved this money-saving, do it herselfer about $200.

OK so last week y’all heard that my washing machine stopped agitating, I researched a solution online, and was 99% sure that it was the agitator dogs in the agitator assembly that went bad.  Just in case anyone cares, agitator dogs are these little teardrop shaped thingies with teeth on them that make the washing machine do it’s swishy thing.  They’re like little ratchets or gears that make the agitator turn and wash the clothes.

Turns out that the dogs, in fact, had gone bad but we couldn’t replace them because we couldn’t get to them.  See previous blog indicating that we couldn’t remove the old dogs until my husband found all the parts to his ratchet set which is another rant for another day and a big reason I have my own set of tools that I keep hidden from him but unfortunately do not own any ratchets myself.

Aaaaaannyyyyyway… we ended up ordering a complete new agitator assembly (again from AP Wagner who I cannot say enough good things about, thank you SO much for getting the new part to me lightning fast) and it arrived today. I slapped that bad boy back onto the spindle, ratcheted that screw back in there, started the washer up and it’s running good as new.

So for $75 in parts ($15 for the dogs and $60 for the new assembly) I fixed my washing machine and could not be more happy that I 1. did it myself; and 2. only spent $75.  I’m guessing it would have cost at least $200 for a repair service to come out and do the same thing.  Damn, I love the internet.


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