Washing machine blues

21 Feb

A few days I posted about my washing machine and it’s failure to agitate anything but me. And it’s still doing that. I trusted the mighty Power of the Internet to help me figure out what was wrong with it and ordered the new part for just a few dollars. Problem is that my husband couldn’t find his socket wrench handle needed to remove the agitator assembly and get down to the part we’re talking about.

So the part came in the mail on Friday, yesterday afternoon he tracked down that handle, and we spent about an hour trying to get to the part that needed to be replaced.  Unfortunately we could not separate the top half of the agitator from the bottom so I can see the little broken parts down there, just can’t get to them.  Had the socket wrench been put back in the right place to begin with, we might have figured this out before ordering the agitator dogs that we now cannot replace.

So last night I ordered an entire new agitator assembly, which will hopefully arrive before Friday, and I can get back to doing laundry again. So this was a bit of a setback, but hopefully the new part will fix us up.  It’s still a lot cheaper than having to call Whirlpool service so we’ll see. I’m still hopeful.


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