Out of the blue I’m a sports fan

18 Feb

I have no idea what’s gotten into me during the month of February, but out of the blue I’m a sports fan.  I’m wondering if it’s some subliminal internal instinct thing designed to get me through February without losing my mind.  February is my least favorite month of the entire year because it’s so damned cold and snowy and just awful.  I usually plan a party or enjoy a day at the spa in February to make myself feel better about having to endure two more months of winter.

Anyway, so I’m sure the feeling will pass and I’ll get back to just being a hockey nut after the Olympics but this whole thing is just odd enough that I have to acknowledge it.

So I’ve already mentioned that I watch as much Red Wings hockey as I can, but that’s really about it.  If one of our other Detroit teams is in a playoff or final I’ll watch too, but I’m not one to watch a random baseball or basketball game.  And our Lions are not worth watching at all.  But in late fall I found myself watching part of a Saints game and was happy to see that they were having a good season.  I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for New Orleans and, being from Detroit where things are still awful, I know that sometimes it really helps to have a mental diversion like an NBA or NHL championship.  So I was rooting for them all along and when they won the championship (I actually watched that game, believe it or not) I was thrilled for them and looking forward to watching them play in the Superbowl.

Yeah, the Superbowl.  Otherwise known in our house as Stupidbowl.  We generally hate football, we hate the awful  halftime shows, and even the commercials aren’t what they used to be.  But this year I was actually excited about the game, whipped up some good snacks, turned it on right from the beginning and watched til the end.  John was upstairs the entire time installing the new wireless router and wireless printer and couldn’t have cared less.

And now it’s two weeks later and I’ve got Olympic fever in a big way.  Watched every minute of the opening ceremony, all weekend, whatever was on during the day, and all evening.  I just can’t get enough of it.  The skiing, skating, luge, snowboarding.  I missed the hockey game on Tuesday but that was because I forgot to put it into my PDA. Yep. I scheduled all the events in my PDA so I wouldn’t forget to watch.  Sigh…. I’m hopeless.

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