Frugal hubby + The Power of the Internet = Deal of the Week!

16 Feb

Today’s episode of The Power of the Internet just has me giggling and smiling. I hope you get a kick out of it too.

So as you can imagine, we have lots of computers in our house. I have my personal laptop and a laptop for work in home office #1 and my husband has 2 laptops for work as well as a desktop PC for personal use in home office #2.  We have only one printer, however, and it’s attached to the desktop PC in home office #2.

Home office #2 is like freaking NASA with all the computers and peripherals whirring away in there so you can imagine what a pain it is when I need to print something, especially when he’s in there working away.  I had to email stuff to my Yahoo email and then wait for him to take a break so I could print it out.  Very painful.

So I asked John to find us a decent wireless printer and off to Staples he went.  I didn’t specifically suggest Staples, that was just where he wanted to go. I think he saw a good deal in this week’s sales flyer or something.  I went out to a geocaching event and we planned to meet back up for dinner to discuss what we did during our day apart.

Well when I next saw John, he was practically vibrating with excitement at the great deal he got on our new Lexmark wireless printer.  I was a bit worried when I saw the printer as it’s way more printer than I thought we’d end up with and likely a lot more expensive than I had planned on.

So we found the printer of his dreams. I think it was $200-ish but was on sale for $70 off.  Great deal, no?  Well when he took the printer up to the register, the salesman asked if we have an existing printer that we’re replacing.  Well, yeah, we have a perfectly good Lexmark that’s not wireless but we were planning on donating it or giving it to my brother.  So John tells the salesman that we do have an old printer and the salesman informs him that if he brings the printer, any printer, back to the store for recycling, he’d get another $50 off which would bring Printer of Our Dreams down to a mere $80.  So John tells the guy he’ll be right back.

Here’s where it gets reallllly good.

John thought about going to the Salvation Army Thrift Store to see if they had a cheap printer there, but changed his mind at the last minute and decided to go home and check Craigslist.

Sure enough, he finds a guy a mere 2 miles from our house who is selling a gob of computer equipment for $50, so John calls him and this is how it goes down:

John: I’m interested in buying your computer equipment.  Do you still have the printer?

Guy: I still have everything.  Monitor, cables, printer, and you can have it all for $35

John: All I really need is a printer and I only have $8 to spend on it.

Guy: <Silence>

John: Or I can bring you a six-pack of beer.

Guy: You’re on!  Bring me some beer.

John: OK great.  What kind do you like?  Don’t premium out on me now.

Guy: Just some Bud Light would be good.

John: Great. I’ll be to your house in 10 minutes.

So John drives to the party store along the way, picks up a cold six-pack and drives to the dude’s house where dude is waiting in his driveway with the printer and a bunch of cables in a paper bag.  They make the exchange, exchange pleasantries, and John is back in his Jeep 45 seconds later and headed back to Staples where he hands the whole bag over to the salesman who knocks the $50 off the price of the printer.  And he noticed that one of the cables is a USB that’s worth about $40 so he gives that back to John who leaves the store feeling like the cat who ate the canary.
Ahhh, The Power of the Internet. And beer.


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