Ahhh, The Power of the Internet. I love it!

12 Feb

I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but there was a time when I really hated computers.  I know!  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m practically chained to my laptop and thinks that could not possibly be true.  But it is.

When I was a kid in the 70s, some teacher thought I had a brain and put me in this crazy class where they tried to get me interested in programming and using the Pet computer. I still have no clue what the hell that thing was and wanted nothing to do with it.

After that I used a series of dumb terminals to do various things when I worked at the library and did accounts payable for various companies.  Oh, and when I was in high school my mom bought an Apple to help with word processing while she was getting her master’s. I remember using it once in my early college years to write a paper and it sucked so bad I didn’t touch another PC until 1994 when I was forced to learn to use one at my new job at EDS.  I was slightly older than all the other people who started at the same time so I had to learn Windows and PC stuff really quick.

It was because of that job that I was forced to just jump right in without fear and joined a users’ group to help out with tweaking our systems.  That’s how I “fell” into software quality assurance and within 3 years I became the PC Mentor which was the person who helped out all the computer noobs come up to speed on using PCs, installing and uninstalling programs, anti-virus updates, and things of that nature.

So when I was exposed to the internet in 1996, I was absolutely blown away by all the information at my fingertips.  I think I was hooked instantly, like it was a drug.  I can remember laying in bed after getting my own PC in 1997 and thinking “Oh I think I’ll go to AAA or the library tomorrow to get a book on Vegas” and then sitting up in bed and realizing I could just walk a few dozen feet to our home office and find that Vegas info immediately.  I also remember spending an entire day at work playing Solitaire.  The boss was out of town and I had nothing to do so I occupied myself with Solitaire. I can’t believe how fast that day passed.  LOL!

I’m still totally addicted to the internet and fascinated with being able to keep in touch with friends and family via email and now Facebook.  One of my cousins lives in New York City and I only see her every few years, yet we keep in touch and share pictures on Facebook.  It’s a wonderful thing.

I secured my wonderful current job via the power of the internet.  In 2006, I had some extra time on my hands and started writing online reviews about some products I had recently used and really enjoyed that.  I made some friends at that site and in 2007 a friend from there told me about this new site called that was just starting out.  So I went over to Viewpoints Network and started writing all of my reviews there.  I fell in love with the product, the platform, the people within the community, and the people at Viewpoints who made it all happen.  It felt like home and was something I really wanted to succeed.

When I was looking for a job last year and my friends at Viewpoints heard about it, they offered me a job. Never before had I felt so completely humbled by the power of the internet and what it can add to peoples’ lives.  I am so incredibly thankful, every day, for the Viewpoints opportunity (both the writing for the site and now the full time job) and all of the other wonderful things that the internet has brought right into my living room.  Whether it’s seeing videos of my cousin’s kids opening their Wii at Christmas, finding a great coupon that saves me lots of money, or seeing a friend pop up to say hi on Facebook IM, I love it just the same.

Thanks, Al Gore, or whoever really, truly invented the internet.   Oh, wait!  I guess I could look THAT up too!

Check out my reviews on Viewpoints!


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