Happy henna head

09 Feb

Wow, am I ever happy that I went back to hennaing my hair.  It took three applications to get it back to the rich red that I love so much, but it looks a thousand times better than it did a week ago.

I used up all the LUSH henna (a combo of caca marron and rouge) and placed another order from Henna For Hair.  Their body art quality henna is so nice to work with, easier to rinse out, and it smells nicer so now that I’ve got my red base I’ll just do touch ups with the HFH henna.

Now I can focus on growing my hair out again. I like the shorter style and it looks good, but my freaking neck is so cold this winter that I can hardly stand it so I’m going to grow it out again somewhat.  We’ll see what happens with that…

For anyone who is reading that would like more info on coloring their hair using henna, please leave me a comment or visit any of the following sites:

Long Hair Community

Henna For Hair

LUSH forums (Henna thread)

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