My heart is breaking….

02 Sep

I’m sitting here typing this through heavy tears and uncontrollable sobbing so please forgive any typos or things that don’t make sense.

Tonight, well actually 8:01pm on Tuesday, my dear friend, Renee, died.  She was 45 years old.  Renee was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December, 2007 and was already in stage 4.  That’s the nasty thing about ovarian cancer – it’s fairly symptomless until advanced stages so by the time it is discovered, it’s really too late.

Renee fought valiantly for not quite 2 years.  She had a great attitude, thought positively, and even last week swore she was going to get back on her motor scooter for one more ride.  She finally found her one true love in her husband Rob and they were married about 4 years ago.  I think their 4-year anniversary would have been sometime later this month.  Renee was a beautiful person in every way and dearly loved by everyone.  She was a truly good person and will be deeply missed.

That’s all I can say. It hurts too much right now to say anything more.  Love you, Renee.

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