What a difference a week makes

29 Jul

So I’m still really glad I got my tattoo.  I love it, it’s the perfect design, the perfect spot, and the perfect size.  And it’s finally almost completely healed.  Thankfully.  It itched like hell last week so I’m glad that part of the healing is over with.

I’ve sure learned a lot from getting my first tattoo and now know what to expect when I get the next one.  Being very patient and careful has really paid off.  I’m ready for it to be completely healed so I can swim and I’m almost there.

The last 2 days there was a slight amount of peeling that I didn’t really even notice until I got out of the shower.  A few flakes of black peeled off as I was applying cocoa butter which freaked me out but the skin underneath was still tattooed so I’m taking that as a natural part of the healing process and a good thing.  It’s not like I picked a scab off or something; it just fell off on its own.

So now just one of the little round toes is slightly rough and the rest are completely smooth.  Tomorrow night will be 2 weeks exactly since I got the tattoo so I’d say that my healing is right on track.  Taking care of it was very easy and not too much of a hassle, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist so taking care of my tattoo was constantly on my mind.

The whole time I kept wondering how people with large tattoos in more difficult to reach places take care of them.  Like something large on the back, for example.  How do you wash it 3 times a day?  And how the hell do you keep it coated with cocoa butter?  I guess you’d need help with that.  Or what if you get a tattoo on your back and have to wear a shirt or sit in a chair all day?  Wouldn’t that be kind of gross?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just completely anal about mine and other people don’t get that OCD about their tattoo care.

I’ve learned so much about tattoos, how to take care of them, and the healing process which will prepare me for the next one.  Everything I’ve learned will be really helpful when deciding where to place the next tattoo and what time of year I should get it.  Now if I could just get back in the pool and shave my entire leg again, life would be perfect.

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