Don’t know whether I should be irritated or flattered

23 Jul

I stayed up way too late last night reading.  I have a tendency to totally lose track of time when I’m reading so when my eyes started to feel tired I looked up to find that it was almost 2am.  Must get to bed.  Needless to say, first thought on my mind when the alarm went off this morning was “Must. Have. Coffee.”  You know, I’m still not convinced that coffee does anything to wake one up and it’s probably all psychological, but I had to have some.  Besides, it tastes good.  Especially when you load it up with foofy French vanilla creamer.


The drive thru line at McDonald’s was way too long so it looked like BK was my choice this morning. I pull up to the order taker machine thingie and shout my coffee order into the box.  I pull up to the window to pay and the lady working there shoves half her body out the window at me and crosses her arms like she’s settling in to get really comfortable for a long conversation. Weird.

So she says to me, “Don’t change your voice.  It’s so cute.”  And I’m sitting there looking back at her with a fake smile on my face and thinking, “Huh?  What the hell is going on here?” So as I’m looking at her like she’s got lobsters crawling out of her ears, she continues too lean out the window at me and says something about the fact that I sounded like I was a 14-year-old kid talking into the box and that between the time I was hollering into the box and drove up window #2 she was preparing to lecture me that I’m too young to drink coffee.

Helllllooooooo…. I was in the DRIVE THRU.  How about worrying about being too young to drive up to the BK and not so much that I shouldn’t be drinking coffee at 14.

Like how totally strange and random.  Don’t change your voice.  Yeah, as if I have a choice in the matter.  Believe me, I’d love to change it. And as if I don’t already have enough insecurities.  Oh well, I guess I’ll choose to be flattered about this rather than irked.  Having the voice of a child does have it’s advantages.  Like when a telemarketer call sneaks thru and they ask to talk to my mommy or daddy and I tell them they’re not home 🙂

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