Do men get PMS?

22 Jul

OK so that’s a really sexist thing to say and I’ve always hated it when a woman is being bitchy and someone says “oh must be that time of the month” or something of that nature. It is my firm belief that I don’t need any excuse to be a bitch so don’t blame it on that.

But anyway, I just called up the stairs to my dear, sweet husband and inquired, “J, when you come downstairs again, would you please bring the cat’s eyedrops with you?” To which he replied in a most bitchy manner (can men be bitchy?), “Why don’t you come up here and get them yourself?” Punctuated with a sigh as if I had asked for a kidney or something.

I did not ask him to immediately bring the cat’s eyedrops down, I merely, kindly asked if he would bring them down when he next graced the lower level with his cheerful self and I get snark.

What the HELL?

Oh well, when he runs out of clean underwear or needs toilet paper I think I’ll smile sweetly and say, “Why don’t you get it yourself, my darling?”

Ugh. Someone please remind me why I was so anxious to get married?

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Posted by on July 22, 2009 in Life, Rants


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