Yet another tattoo check in

21 Jul

Thankfully the awful itching has stopped and nothing is flaking or peeling like my friend’s tattoo.  Not sure if she didn’t keep her’s hydrated or what but she said her neck is peely and scabby.  Gross.  So glad that’s not happening here.

Been keeping it hydrated a few times a day with my wonderful Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (not the lotion, the pure cocoa butter in a tub or in a stick).  Gawd I love that stuff.

I really miss going in the pool though which kind of sucks.  I’m not supposed to subject my tattoo to soaking for at least 2 weeks and ideally for a month.  It’s only been 6 days and thankfully the weather here has not been all that conducive to swimming otherwise I’d be going crazy.  I really like to sit on my pool chair and float around while reading a book.  I think I can manage to do that and just hang my leg over the edge so it doesn’t get wet.  Will have to try that when I get to the point that I just gotta get in the pool.

The other thing I’m not supposed to do is expose it to sunlight for 2 weeks as it could cause the tattoo to fade prematurely.  Yesterday I laid out to sunbathe and wore a big winter sock on that leg.  It was very attractive.  NOT!  It was pretty hot and uncomfortable too but at least my tattoo was safe.

So as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’m already thinking ahead to my next tattoo.  I love the first one and can totally see how people get addicted to being inked.  In retrospect I wish I had gotten that one first. I want to get a purple & green treble clef on my right shoulder (back side of the shoulder).  Since I’m in my bathing suit half the time anyway that would have been better as I could keep my shoulders out of the pool.  Then I should have gotten the leg tattoo in the winter when I could hang around at home in shorts while it healed.  If I get the next one in fall or winter I’ll be sitting around in my swim top freezing while it heals!  Oh well, who knew when I got this first tattoo that I’d already be thinking of the next one. Live and learn.

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