It never fails

27 May

So I’m cheap.  Yeah, I love to shop online but I want to get a great deal.  Not just a good deal but a great deal. 

So I use sites like or and find coupon codes I can use and combine them with rebate sites like or

But what I reallllly hate is paying for shipping.  Especially when it adds up to the cost of the thing I want to buy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered something the weight of a hummingbird or something that costs $4 and the shipping came out to something like $8.  That annoys me beyone belief.

The thing I’ve really had my eye on though for a while are FitFlops.  Have you heard of them? They’re flip flops that have some kind of special footbed that supposedly works the thigh and butt muscles resulting in a workout while you walk.  I bought a pair last year and love them.  Can’t say that my butt or thighs look any different from last summer as a result of wearing the things, but they are some of the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn.  Seriously.  Even the thong between the toes thingy is not the smallest bit irritating.

I like these shoes so much that this year I vowed to buy the pink pair.  The pink pair that is exclusive to Bath & Body Works’ online store.  I’ve been doing mock orders for a month now but the shipping is like $8 and I could NOT find a coupon for free or reduced shipping. 

So Iwaited. 

And waited. 

And checked the coupon sites daily.

And now today I got an email from Bath & Body Works with a free shipping for today only!  Woohoo, I’m ordering my shoes.  Went to the site, found the pink FitFlops……

And they’re all sold out in my size!!! What is UP with that?  Why does stuff like that always happen?  Grrrr….

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